• Annick Moreau

    Annick Moreau was born and raised in France. A dancer and ballet teacher, her career brought her to Las Vegas, NV where she performed with Cirque du Soleil for 7 years. After suffering a back injury, she discovered Pilates and realized how much it was helping her to strengthen. She decided to become an instructor and is certified with DK Body Balancing Method, UNLV. Since 2005, she has enjoyed teaching Pilates, helping clients feel good and strong, physically and mentally.

  • Chair/Reformer Combo with Annick (Mondays 9:10am)

    This class starts with the Pilates Chairs for a unique 20 minute warmup. Then it progresses to challenging Reformer work promoting strength, agility, and healthy movement. Come join this class to enhance your strength and flexibility!

  • Reformer Plus with Annick (Fridays 9:10am)

    Be ready to feel challenged with this class. Starting out with a 20 minutes Mat warmup and moving to the Reformer machines, this fun class uses dynamic imagery and vigorous movement with a mindful eye on form.