• Class Schedule & Pricing

  • Previous experience with the Reformer required for all of our Reformer classes. New to Pilates or the Reformer? Contact the studio for a discount on 2 private lessons to jump start into your first Reformer classes! Reservation is required due to limited available equipment—maximum class capacity is 4 clients.

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    $37 ea / $320 10 pack


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  • Done solely on the Pilates mats using your own body weight and props for challenge. Class level matches students’ needs and ability. Class capacity is 10 clients.


    $21 ea / $180 10 pack


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  • Streamline Reformer

    A 20-minute smart warm-up on the mat, using Pilates core principles and functional movement training to promote strength, agility and healthy movement habits, followed by dynamic Reformer work, connecting the work in class to how we move in the real world.

    Tuesdays 9:10AM with Arielle

  • Chair/Reformer Combo

    This class starts with a unique 20-minute warm-up on the Pilates “Wunda” Chairs. It then progresses to challenging Reformer work promoting strength, agility and healthy movement.

    Monday 9:10AM with Annick
    Saturday 9:00AM with Chrissy

  • Reformer Plus

    Starting with 20 minutes of Mat warm-up before moving to the Reformers, this fun class uses dynamic imagery and vigorous movement with a mindful eye on form.

    Fridays 9:10AM with Annick

  • Reformer Advantage

    Find the Reformer Advantage—get stronger, stand taller, walk easier, stretch further! From warm-up to cool-down, this flowing Pilates workout, done solely on the Reformer, will challenge your core while exercising your whole body.

    Saturdays 11:20AM with Emily

  • Streamline Mat

    Using a variety of props such as the magic circle, foam rollers and balls, this class will challenge you to build your core strength, control, balance and flexibility. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish with your own strength and a mat!

    Saturdays at 10AM with Chrissy
    Sundays at 10AM with Leava